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Published08 April 2020at18:13, updated on23 April 2020at08:59

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It’s probably safe to say that we all have uttered these words at some point in our lives — If I had more time, I would….

With a good part of the world on lockdown to fight the expansion of COVID-19, now it might be the perfect time to put this premise to the test. Even if your effective schedule remains unaltered and you are simply working from home, there’s still a lot that you can do with whatever time you’re saving by not having to commute.

With this in mind, several online learning platforms and software manufacturers have made some courses available for free so that tech and IT professionals like yourself can exit this crisis better prepared. These courses add to the already extensive list of free online resources that were already accessible before the quarantine. 

Re-skilling and continuous learning are a must for those looking to advance their career in a field like technology, where skill shortages are a prevalent problem and tools are constantly being updated. Accordingly, we suggest you make the most of the extra time on hand by benefitting from the below resources.


The eLearning powerhouse has always offered a multitude of free courses from ivy-league universities and top technical schools across the globe — especially if you didn’t mind not receiving an official diploma for which you had to pay. However, and until May 31, a total of 100 courses will be accessible for free through the platform.

The reviews team at Business Insider has gone through the list of courses and identified 9 of them related to computer science. You will obtain an official certificate upon completion, at no cost and even enjoying access to otherwise premium features like homework grading and expanded reading materials

Hurry up, as most of these courses start today, April 08 – and make sure to add that certificate to your CV and LinkedIn profile once the course is completed. 

The list includes:


With a somewhat more of a quick-bite and mobile mentality, Udemy offers a wide variety of courses and tutorials in dozens of topics. These are taught by subject matter experts and eLearning initiatives directly, without requiring the involvement of a third-party institution. 

The portal has made available over 530 courses for free so we can all invest in our education in the upcoming weeks. A lot of these focus on IT-related topics, from data science to videogame design.

Examples include:      


A household name in tech education and computing, Codeacademy offers free courses on topics spanning from coding to computational theory and web development. The possibilities are almost endless, and you can even choose specific skill paths like building chatbots with Python or creating front-end apps with React.  

CompTIA IT Fundamentals

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), known globally for its reputed certification programs, is offering free 30-day learning licenses for its IT Fundamentals (ITF+) curriculum. The overall course is probably too introductory if you are a seasoned tech expert, but you might find it touches on topics you haven’t had time to explore.

You can also pass the link along to anyone who is considering a career in IT but is not quite sure yet.

SAP and Microsoft

Another career-advancement option for these days of confinement is investing time in official vendor certifications and learning programs. These let you master some of the world’s most ubiquitous software tools and validate your skills in front of the community.

Leading ERP provider SAP is providing free access to a total of 35 courses to prepare for its official certifications. You even get a free first attempt at the official exam. The courses cover areas including building bots with SAP’s RPA or the business migration to S/4HANA – a course that can give you a great competitive edge given S/4HANA’s growing momentum.  

Additionally, Microsoft Learn offers a comprehensive host of learning resources for Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, or the Power Platform. among others. If you are interested in developing your Azure expertise, this article we wrote a while back should serve as a good starting point for the different role-based certification and learning programs. Just keep in mind that, to protect its staff from the virus, Microsoft has implemented some changes in its user policy, as well as extended certain courses and deadlines. Here’s a full list of changes.    

Don’t forget your soft skills

Last but not least, think of dedicating some time to develop your soft skills. In IT, it is becoming increasingly vital to possess a strong set of soft skills to complement your technical ones – from interpersonal communication to adaptability and creative thinking.

How about a negotiation lecture by a former FBI kidnapping negotiator? MasterClass has launched a series of free live Q&A sessions you can certainly benefit from. 

Or perhaps you should focus on your mental health and resilience? LinkedIn Learning is providing free mindfulness courses to help people cope with lockdowns.

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