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Published15 April 2020at18:31, updated on30 April 2020at08:25

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Python’s growing momentum is undeniable. Favoured by data scientists and those involved in AI and machine learning, the programming language has risen to the top of the popularity list in just a few years. A recent study by online learning platform O’Reilly found Python to be the “preeminent” language of 2019, representing both the highest number of searches and the most trainings contracted through the portal.   

There are many reasons for this rapid ascend. Python is an efficient and easily readable language. It allows developers to create lean code that reads very much like English, while its built-in data structures are user-friendly and fast to implement. Additionally, Python is surrounded by an expansive support ecosystem which offers a wide array extension packages and open-access code repositories.  

As we have mentioned before, these days of quarantine provide a great opportunity to acquire new skills and strengthen your CV. And how best to learn code than by developing hands-on experience with it?  

Whether you are completely new to Python or just looking to improve your capabilities, here are a few projects for you to try in the coming weeks.  

Projects for beginners 

If you are just now jumping into Python, the official Python Software Foundation’s website offers a ton of free resources to begin with. There you can access the language’s official documentation and refer to an exhaustive list of reliable resources for beginners.  

As for projects, you can, for example, start with the list of over 30 beginner exercises at They are detailed step by step and offer a separate section for solutions to keep you challenged. PythonForBeginners is another good portal for Python projects and fundamentals. When it comes to automation, Al Sweigart’s Automate the Boring Stuff with Python is a fantastic — and free — work of reference.  

Popular beginner projects include: 

  • Dice rolling simulator 
  • Guess the number 
  • Hangman 
  • Fill an online form 
  • Update and format Excel spreadsheets 

Of course, learning portals like Codecademy and Udemy are another great way of developing your Python skills. In fact, a multitude of platforms have made courses available for free to help people skill up during lockdown. You can find more about it here.   

More advanced projects 

For those who are already versed in the basics of Python, the Internet is full of interesting project ideas you can get lost in for days. For instance, this edureka blog post contains precise instructions on how to complete a series of engaging intermediate and advanced projects. Among these, you can practice data visualization techniques and get acquainted with popular Python-supported libraries like Matplotlib. For more advanced projects, you can dive into machine learning and deep learning with TensorFlow and PyTorch.   

Alternatively, if you are looking for already developed capabilities to use in your own code or apps you can, of course, always find thousands of Python-related repositories on Github. There are endless paths one can take with Python — from website crawlers to image processing modules or a Spotify playlist generator. 

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