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Published14 May 2020at10:04, updated on14 May 2020at11:34

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In the field of web development, there are many specialities and languages ​​including Swift, Node.js, React.js or Ruby.

Ruby is a free programming language. It is object-oriented and multi-paradigm. Relatively few developers choose to specialise in this language, although its syntax is easy to understand and pleasant to use. However, it is a popular language in digital start-ups and companies, such as Airbnb, Hulu or Groupon.

What is the role of an HTML Integrator?

Analyse project specifications

The first mission of a Ruby developer is to understand the needs of their client, whether internal or external, and to implement the programming solutions best suited to the budget and timing of the project.

Develop adapted applications and functionalities

Using the Ruby programming language and the open-source Ruby on Rails framework, the developer is responsible for coding and designing web applications that respect the specifications established by the web project manager or IT manager.

Manage tests and monitor project development

Throughout the coding process, the Ruby Developer is responsible for the testing. Once the solutions are in place, the Ruby Developer must ensure that everything works properly. They must also often train their client or internal teams in the new systems installed.

Required skills

Mastery of the Ruby language

The Ruby Developer must master this programming language at their fingertips, as well as the open-source Ruby on Rails framework. It is also useful to master other web languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript…

Ability to self-educate

The Ruby language evolves regularly, so developers must always be aware of new features and be able to use them effectively. This requires regular reading and self-training.


The Ruby Developer must often be able to work on the web, on mobile applications, on video games … They must, therefore, have knowledge in all these areas in addition to their technical programming knowledge.

Quick execution

If there is a problem with a web or mobile application, it must be managed quickly. The Ruby Developer must, therefore, know how to analyze where the malfunction comes from and find the solution in the shortest possible time.

Within the industry

The Ruby speciality is quite rare for a developer, so the profile that is quite sought after by companies. The Ruby Developer can work in a web agency, as a permanent employee or as a freelancer.


The average daily rate of a Ruby Developer fluctuates between €300 and €550.


A degree from a college or technical school can help candidates access this position. However, it is possible to specialise in Ruby through specific training and certifications. There are also plenty of online resources for professionals to self-educate.

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